YSL Beauty Couture Brow Products

Summer make up is all about lighter products so I find myself always paying extra attention to how my brows look. They frame my face so it's a step I absolutely never skip. I love testing new brow products as I like to draw them a bit longer than they naturally are, so I get a bit more of a feline look.

I am so happy to show you some of the latest releases from YSL Beauty for brows.  Inspired by Lloyd Simmonds, the YSL International Creative Director of Make Up, there are four new additions to the couture brow collection. Can we just take a moment to process how cool it is to add a "couture" element to our make up? I Love the name. I can't help it!

First product I wanted to try, because I was a bit sceptical of the results... was the Couture Brow Marker. And I like it a lot! You should apply it with very light strokes for a natural finish using its felt tip. And it really stays put. Come rain or shine. It's a great product to use if you have spare areas that you want to fill. The only objection I have to this would be the selection of colours. There are only 2, so if you're not lucky to coincide with these tones, it won't look as great.

The couture brow gel allows you to fix, and structure (read: tame) your brows. It's quite a strong formula with opacifying agents and it will give you ultra long hold. The brush is quite precise, and I like using it to build the formula in the smallest hairs, to achieve a natural "full" look. If you're only going to buy one of these products, I recommend you go for this one. It´s my favourite of them all.

Dessin des sourcils brow pencil. A dual-ended precision pencil with companion brush that shapes, shades and defines the brow. It has a velvety smooth formula that glides on effortlessly while putting some colour where needed.  It slips conveniently into any makeup bag for touch ups on-the-go.

Couture brow palette. An All-in-one kit for your eyebrows: 3-colour powder, 1 angled brush and tweezers. It has a powdery finish, and you can use the highlighter to emphasise your high brow make up. I personally prefer the other products but the convenience of the kit, with the possibility to use the tweezers if you spot a little something during your day... makes it very desirable for me too!

All in all I really recommend these products after testing them, and I think you just need to find the colour that suits you and that will enhance your brow colour.

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