Review: Benefit double the lip

Lip products are always exciting to me and Benefit are releasing a new whole set of their They are Real Double the Lip. Double excitement! 

The concept is quite fun (as everything from Benefit) and it allows you to create a full enhanced pout in one go. I often don't even use a mirror when applying mine. The trick with these new lipsticks is that they come with two different colours, the lipstick and the liner. All in one stick. In an eye drop shape. Great idea!

The combination of colours in each duo is very well thought and complements one another. The darker part creates a bit of a deeper shade on the outside of the lips. An ombré effect that I very much like as it creates an optical effect of fuller lips.

Some shades are bit bolder and the difference of the two tones is too much for my liking. The perfect way to use these for me, is to mix both colours by gently patting with my finger. The resulting colour is lovely! 

My favourite thing about these lipsticks is the formula. They are the creamiest I've ever tried. They really enhance the lips. The combination of formula and mixture of colours assure to give a very voluptuous pout. I love the effect on my lips!

My personal favourites are Lusty Rose, juicy Berry, and And here are the swatches! Which one is your favourite? Are you going to pick one up?

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