Review: The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation and their brand values

If you live in a rush like me, and like doing your make up on your train commute you're going to love this foundation from The Body Shop as much as I do. I have been testing the new Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation for the last three weeks, and I can now tell you what I love about it. 

First of all, the packaging is fuss free. I didn't know I needed this kind of packaging for an 'on the go' foundation until I tried it. I usually do my make up in the morning, sitting on the tube (bless the 40 minutes commute), so this compact formula avoids any possibility of spillage, while keeping the product in hygienic conditions. It comes with a cushion sponge for the application of the product, and it has its little place between the mesh with the foundation, and the mirror. 

Regarding the coverage, It has a very light one. I would say it acts as a skin perfector. It gives the right amount of light, color correction, and dewiness that you need. It gives a very natural finish and I can still see my skin after applying foundation. They say it has a semi matte finish, but I don’t see it like that. 

Also, this foundation is catalogued as Non-comedogenic, so it’s ok to use for acne prone skins like mine. 

Another "feature" of this foundation, is that it decreases the temperature of your skin by 1 degree when you apply it. This cooling effect has helped me to reduce the redness on my cheeks. This is probably due to the organic Community trade aloe vera and English rose water the foundation contains. 


Speaking of the ingredients, I also wanted to touch on where these come from. I had the opportunity to travel down to Littlehampton for the day and get to know first hand the brand values this company holds.I left very impressed and inspired! 

Their values about activism and irreverence totally comply with mine. :) 
Since the 70's they were one of the first companies to avoid testing on animals. And currently they are involved in funding projects for wildlife crime prevention, indigenous tribes rights, a mobile app for holiday makers to highlight animal suffering, as well as projects for protecting the future of species like pangolins or turtles. 

They make sure all the ingredients for their products come from sustainable sources... and that they pay a fair trade price to farmers and workers around the world. They also make a difference funding the education, childcare and healthcare of these workers. 
So, since that day, I can’t stop praising what they do! But also, it has left me a desire to do more myself. 

We also had fun making our own shower gel. 

Here I leave you with some cool slogans that inspired me.

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