Review: Organic handmade beauty by Blossom Natura

This is the first time I dive into organic beauty and what better way than to do it with all natural, organic and handmade products! 

I have been testing a couple of products from Sweet Blossom Natura. A small business that I discovered through one of my colleagues at work. I usually pay a lot of attention to the ingredients of the products I use (specially if they are going on my face!), so this handmade organic good smelling products caught my attention immediately! 

The first product I used was the Rose Salve cream. A great product for all the areas that need a boost of nutrition! I have used it on my chapped lips and on my elbows. It's also good for stretch marks and it doesn't make you feel super greasy when you have it on! 

Another product I have tried is the Coffee body scrub. A must for helping to reduce cellulite! This one really impressed me. It has a strong smell of coffee -duh! it's the main ingredient!-, so it helps waking me up in my morning shower :) And after, I can feel the legs hydrated for the rest of the day! It's one of those with wich you want to wait to get dressed, or, if you use it in the summer like me, just put a short skit on and you'll feel great! 

Lastly, I have used the Hot oil massage candle. It is a luxurious mixture of coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, almond oil and essential oils.  It's a lovely product as well! I have it on my bedside table ready to use as it's perfect for relaxing :)

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