Review: Clarins HydraQuench

Does it work? Yes.
Price and where to buy it? 

Recommend? Yes! 

Not taking care of your skin has consequences and I learnt this the hard way. A couple of winters ago my skin changed forever. I also changed countries and routine, maybe that had something to do with it...

What had always been a combination to oily skin quickly got dehydrated. This means that although I still have a tendency to acne and "imperfections" my skin also got dry patches on the forehead, chin and sides of the nose. 

Here is when I bought this trio from Clarins from the line HydraQuench (I featured it on my beauty haul -in Spanish). 

Targeted for dehydrated skin like mine I was mostly looking forward to using the HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-phase I had heard wonders about! 

After using this serum till the last drop for months I can really say it is a real game changer! My favourite product for dehydrated skin by far. 

It has an almost oily texture but it gets absorbed instantly! You won't feel any grease or anything. It definitely helped with the dry patches and general condition of my skin. I'm So happy to have found this product! 

I've been using it only at night, it was enough for me, although in some winter days I've also applied it in the mornings giving my skin an extra hydrating boost to get through the cold day. I specially love that is so quick to absorb, as I can continue with my routine almost immediately!

The hydrating cream (HydraQuench cream moisturizer) is for all skin types, and it works all right, although I found I don't like using these type of creams, but the serum instead: better results, and I prefer the application process, the cream gets a bit to "creamy" for me. 

I also used the cream mask (HydraQuench Cream Maskand also found it very helpful! I applied it to my clean face the night before I needed my skin to look good with make up (at the moment, my main problem was the dry patches showing up with make up!) and it definitely helped. I noticed a certain glow once I've used it! 

I had a great result using this range of products  for dehydrated skin, and will definitely be using the intensive serum again! It is my favourite. 

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