Women Fashion Power exhibition

Last week I went to a private pass of the Women Fashion Power exhibition at The Design Museum, here in London. It was a very fascinating experience as we had curator Donna Loveday explaining some of the interesting pieces. It is an outstanding collection of clothes, suits, and dresses from the 20's to nowadays.

The idea is to make us think about the importance of our fashion choices and how to present oneself to the world when one wants to build a reputation, attract attention or assert authority.This is the Fashion Power!

One of my favourite designers, Vivienne Westwood is very well represented through the exhibition, but we can also see clothes worn by Princess Diana, Anne Hidalgo or Lady Gaga. True leaders that use(d) fashion as a tool for self-expression.

After this, we all went to have dinner at the Blue Print Café. A delicious 4 course meal with 4 wines inspired by different fashion eras. The views from this restaurant over Tower Bridge are incredible making the evening even more special. We also had a conversation with Tabitha Webb, the British designer that makes beautiful and colorful dresses for clients such as the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

I loved the evening, and loved how fashion can make us think about our freedom as women! From the times when one needed help from maids to get into a corset, to the wearable clothes Coco Chanel made for the working woman, to the eccentric and sexy pieces we see women from the music business wearing.

We all have something to say about women´s clothes and the empowerment they project.
The exhibition will be open until 26th of April and I very much recommend you all to go!

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