Saint Valentine´s Day trip to Guildford

Taking advantage of the lovely atmosphere last Saturday, we took the car to get out of the house and discover new places in this beautiful and rainy England. Almost by chance we appeared in Guildford. And I loved it!

This city has all the best boutiques and little shops lined in a very uphill street (yes, I was wearing high heeled shoes as it was St. Valentine´s Day and one has to put a bit of effort somedays!). 

The architecture of the place was wonderful to me! Every building appears different to the next one and they all have a traditional English vibe. 

There are a lot of tea rooms half hidden in beautiful side streets, a little flower market... And when you get to the top of the street and look back, you can see the beautiful hill down at the end of the street. I was captivated by this image.

We went for lunch at the local BGK, sat near a window and saw how passers-by got wet by the rain that luckily stopped when we were finished and had to get out :)

You probably see my Instagram filled with images with burgers from this restaurant every now and then, and you can also read my first post about it here, I reckon it´s one of my favourite places for burgers and has really nice prices!

I´m wearing: Cape: Zara; Boots: Zara; and really thick tights from Primark. :)
It was a great surprise and I loved visiting for the day!

What did you do on St. Valentine´s day? 

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